Employee Spotlight: Heera Lal – Analytics Science Leader for OYE

At the OYE Team, an integral part of Global Analytics India, we pride ourselves in nurturing the best talent, working on state-of-the-art technologies and delivering winning credit solutions to our customers. This team boasts of individuals who have demonstrated success in all critical functions needed to run market-leading fintech lending businesses – including Risk Analytics, Engineering, Product Management, Digital Marketing, Customer Experience, Operations and Compliance – both in India and across the globe. In fact, we are only as strong as the people who make us, and we value them and their contributions to the fullest.

Every once in a while, we love to train the spotlight on the folks who matter to our success. Today, we introduce you to Heera, our Analytics Science Leader (Risk Analytics), who will give you a sneak-peek of life@OYE and what it means to be part of a group which always puts the interests of its customers and employees ahead of any other priority!

Here we go – Let’s hear it from Heera as he takes us through his ongoing journey with OYE

Life before OYE

My professional life has been all about Global Analytics India Private Limited (a subsidiary of GAIN Credit) – it’s been my learning ground for the present and my platform for the future.

After graduating from the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), I joined here in 2013 and started honing my skills in managing and monitoring risk for our returning customer base, optimizing the service experience for returning customers as well as designing segment-wise loan amount strategies.

Over time, as I sharpened my skill-set in the aforementioned domains, I was selected to support the OYE Team at the inception phase (May 2017) itself – an excellent opportunity which enabled me to design the overall underwriting process from scratch.

I grabbed it with both hands ? and have never looked back since then!

My role in driving the OYE brand

As you would know, risk management and underwriting comprise the foundational bedrock of any lending business. And, it assumes even greater importance in today’s digital age – where companies are constantly evaluating means to provide fast, seamless and hassle-free credit to consumers in an almost-fully online environment (which implies minimal paper-work and maximum convenience).

In this context, the basic questions which we need to ask ourselves – who to lend and how much to lend – become the deciding factors for the entire scheme of things.

That’s where I, as the Risk Management Resource for OYE, step in and guide the business to take considered, reasonable and fact-based decisions which support its long-term vision without losing sight of short-term priorities.

My key responsibilities include (but are not limited to):

  • Risk monitoring and management
  • Optimization of underwriting processes
  • Identifying various data providers and evaluating their business worthiness in terms of how they can help improve our current underwriting processes
  • Fraud pattern recognition

Key people I work with 

Smells like ‘team spirit’.

If you wish to go fast, go alone, and if you wish to go far, go together.

My journey with OYE has been a memorable one – thanks especially to Vikash, Nithya and Priyanshi (for guiding and supporting me in day-to-day work) as well as Sriram and Pradeep (for sharpening my skills in risk metric identification and analysis).

Over here, I’d very specifically point out to Nithya for being a stellar support and a go-to, dependable professional who has often helped the team in dealing with challenging situations by standing up to be counted.

To substantiate the point, let me just refer to our recent launch in Bengaluru.

We got a better-than-expected response and our app download volume just shot through the roof. That’s where Nithya stepped in and ensured that all underwriting requirements were dealt with. Undeterred by the ever-increasing numbers and multiple requests, Nithya handled her responsibilities like a pro – never flinching from stretching herself to cover for the business and ensuring that all deliverables were met.

Glad to be part of a team like OYE where we literally feed off each other’s success – instead of seeking external inspiration, we inspire each other with our commitment to the cause!

That special something which I learnt@OYE


I earned my red cape and blue tees at OYE ? (aka Superman)

What are Supermen in Risk Analytics expected to be capable of?

Multitasking and all-round expertise: I built up my expertise across various domains, including Underwriting Automation, SMS Data Analysis etc – projects which I took up and continue to deliver on successfully!

Developing the elusive ‘7th sense’:  Yes, you can say that again. From leveraging UK-based data (which was integral to my previous stint with the mother brand) to exploring the information potential of data generated in India, I learnt how to seamlessly shift gears between my skill-set and overall evaluation skills.

OYE customer data was still ‘raw’ in comparison to the well-presented, articulate and detailed information from the UK – thus presenting a stiff challenge to someone who was used to working on things in a much more refined and streamlined way.

I learnt – not only to live with the new data – but also to make life for the business out of it.

Managing multiple responsibilities (and still retaining that natural smile): That’s one trait which really made me better as a person and as a professional. As in life, so in your job, there are times when you are up against it and dealing with multiple responsibilities at the same time. Tough times test your endurance as a person and as a professional.

On this front, Team OYE has strengthened my capabilities and made me a better version of myself; by standing up for each other always, we deal with the pressures of working in a fast-evolving, competitive and dynamic business environment. That’s what makes us a team of achievers who are willing to chase down every dream without breaking a sweat.

Hope that I’ve made my point.

Why a career with OYE could be the best decision of your life!

If you are the kinds who seek out a new challenge every day, wish to go beyond a regular 9-to-5 role to an entrepreneurial set-up, love to get your hands dirty and learn the basics of the business (rather than just be a part of a process) and jog your grey cells to come up with innovative ideas that would jumpstart the business – Team OYE would very much love to have you over!

Out-of-Office: My personal time

Movies and data analysis ?

You heard me right!

After watching Interstellar (a movie that fascinated me to bits), I watched dozens of videos on YouTube about the General Theory of Relativity, compared it to the theory showcased in the movie, and ran through this cycle 5-6 times to figure out the similarities between the two.

Scared? Don’t be ? That’s just me.

It’s just my passion for all things analytics – in my spare time too, you would often find me on the internet, learning about new methodologies on machine learning, algorithms etc.

That’s it for now, folks. Now that you’ve got a feel of what it means to be part of OYE and wish to be part of our fintech team, mail your resume to info@oyeloans.com and help us evaluate your candidature for current & future openings.

It might just be the moment which changes your career and your life forever, and for the better!

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