Employee Spotlight: Nithya – Senior Analytics Scientist for OYE

At the OYE Team, an integral part of Global Analytics India, we nurture the best talent, work on state-of-the-art technologies and deliver winning credit solutions to customers. This team comprises individuals who have demonstrated success in all critical functions needed to run market-leading fintech lending businesses in India and across the globe. We are only as strong as our people, and we value them and their contributions to the fullest.

That’s precisely why we love to train the spotlight on the folks who matter!

Meet Nithya, our Senior Analytics Scientist, and get a sneak-peek of life at OYE which puts the interests of customers and employees ahead of any other priority!

Let’s hear Nithya take us through her ongoing journey.

Life before OYE

Team OYE sums up the story of my career so far; I have been part of Global Analytics India Private Limited (a subsidiary of GAIN Credit) since graduating.

Following a 3-month internship, I joined as a full-time employee in Jan’13. I worked with Data Management for 3 years, before joining Risk Analytics in 2016.

Since then, I’ve sharpened my underwriting skills with Lending Stream and OYE

My role in driving the OYE brand

If you look at Digital Lending, underwriting is the veritable backbone which keeps the business in good health.

While Digital Lending has opened avenues for the underserved, it also presents the immense challenge of taking business critical decisions on whom to lend and how much to lend. Therein lies the key to sustainable business success; without having a strong underwriting mechanism in place, your business is exposed to the vagaries of subjective credit decisions which could impact your revenue generation capabilities.

Underwriting is the crucial filter which ensures that the business flows in the ‘right’ direction, and I am proud to be the gatekeeper who strengthens the foundation of Team OYE’s lending business – a role which has groomed me as a professional!

Key people I work with 

I have worked with quite a few folks during my career journey.

However, as in life so in work, there are a ‘select few’ who inspire you to give more than your very best. My #ListOfIncredibles features Vikash & Heera (for their support in day-to-day work), Pradeep, Sriram & Vishwa (for their product-related insights and SOS support during demanding times), and Rajnish (for inducting me into Team OYE).

They are the lifelines who I depend upon.

That special something which I learnt@OYE

Fresh out of college with no practical work experience – I was like any youngster out there. It was like being a sturdy ship with sails in place, but without a proper guide to steer it in the right direction.

That’s where Team OYE stepped in as my navigator for my professional journey.

Akin to a ship on course, my stint with the team helped me weather the toughest of storms (by building skills and confidence to handle challenging work situations), negotiate choppy waters through acquired knowledge (learning something new every day) and decide on the path to reach my destination (putting my career on a progressive path where there was no looking back).

Trust in capability is what it’s all about.

And that’s been my mantra of success at OYE, which strengthens the belief that nothing is truly impossible if you set your heart and mind to it.

Why a career with OYE could be the best decision of your life! 

A new learning at every step of the way.

Without fear of an uncertain tomorrow, feel empowered to give your best today.

Colleagues who stand up for you no matter what; ‘all for one, and one for all’ is what we’ve been taught.

At the risk of sounding poetic, I’d still say that its perhaps the best place to work for.

With supportive team members who volunteer to help, a work-culture that embodies empowerment and capability-building to the core and a group of truly approachable and empathetic leaders (who believe in open doors and open minds), it’s all that I could ask for from my job.

I am sure you would love to have that too!

Out-of-Office: My personal time

I simply love being outdoors with friends.

Be it Volleyball, Badminton or Cricket, I indulge in everything which gets my adrenalin flowing.

I’d like to believe that I am an underwriter-at-work and a sportsperson-on-the-field; a curious mix of the nerdy and the sporty!

That’s it for now, folks. Now that you’ve got a feel of what it means to be part of the OYE Team, and if you wish to be part of our fintech team, mail your resume to info@oyeloans.com and help us evaluate your candidature for current & future openings. It might just be the moment which changes your career and your life forever, and for the better!

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