Employee Spotlight: Viswanathan Raju – Product Manager for OYE

At the OYE Team, an integral part of Global Analytics India, we pride ourselves in nurturing the best talent, working on state-of-the-art technologies and delivering winning credit solutions to our customers. This team boasts of individuals who have demonstrated success in all critical functions needed to run market-leading fintech lending businesses – including Risk Analytics, Engineering, Product Management, Digital Marketing, Customer Experience, Operations and Compliance – both in India and across the globe. In fact, we are only as strong as the people who make us, and we value them and their contributions to the fullest.

Every once in a while, we love to train the spotlight on the folks who matter to our success.  Today, we introduce you to Viswanathan Raju, our Product Manager, who will give you a sneak-peek of life@OYE and what it means to be part of a group which always puts the interests of its customers and employees ahead of any other priority!

Here we go – Let’s hear it from Viswa (that’s what we love to call him) as he takes us through his ongoing journey with OYE

Life before OYE

I can hardly think of life prior to OYE – having been with Global Analytics India Private Limited (a subsidiary of GAIN Credit) for 6 years and counting, it’s become an integral part of who I am all about: as a professional and as a person.

I started my innings in 2012 as a marketing intelligence professional adept at undertaking competitor research, UK market-sizing, keeping an eye on major developments in the UK’s payday industry among other related tasks – a responsibility which I handled over the next 3 years.

Then, in 2016, the idea of OYE was conceived. I was extremely lucky to have been part of the ‘first’ team – including the likes of Vijay Sachidanand (currently VP-Product) and Mukund Venkatesh (currently VP & GM – India Operations) – who thought up the strategy of having a consumer-lending brand in India, created the blueprint for its business, fostered partnerships aimed at enabling the financial backbone and then finally set the sails for OYE to explore the vast oceans of India’s untapped credit market.

From that perspective, I can perhaps consider myself as one of the original members of OYE; among those who laid the foundation of what would become a preferred brand for the new-to-the-workforce community!

My role in driving the OYE brand

As the Ops guy, I am responsible for managing the operational aspects of an OYE customer’s entire lifecycle; from the point of time that an application is approved, to the fund disbursal and after-sales support, I take care of all the operations-related bits and pieces on our lending platform/s.

Key responsibilities include (but are not limited to):

  • Customer care interaction management – both on the frontend and backend
  • Optimization of product and process flows based on customer insights/feedback and product enhancement insights
  • Handling finer nuances of Product Marketing

Key people I work with

Stories can’t be created without characters; and mine has been all about heroes and mentors ?

Among the folks who’ve inspired me, I would count Mukund (for teaching me the art of ‘getting things done by drilling down to basics’ as well as building me up as a professional through constructive feedback), Pradeep (for shoring up my knowledge base through his amazing insights on fintech and entrusting me with multiple responsibilities) and Sriram (for his business-critical product level insights and teaching me the nuances of time management and priority setting) on the top of my list.

On a day-to-day level, I have the greatest respect for my amazing team-members who help me get the best outcomes from each day.

In the Oscars Style, I would specifically like to thank the following guys:

Shiva: For his technical level inputs that enable significant improvements in the product

Ashwin: For his always-ON attitude in terms of taking on new challenges and taking responsibility for overcoming them

Anbu: For being the go-to man for all backend operations and automations needed in frontend tools

Sujin: For his razor-focused goal-oriented approach on any and everything related to the mobile app!

That special something which I learnt@OYE

Almost everything I know!

To be honest, I had started my career as a primary researcher with a small market research firm. Coming to OYE marked a sea change across both the quantity and quality of my work. From a place where I had next-to-nothing appearing in my mailbox, I was suddenly part of a set-up where the pace was dictated by the flow of the business: depending on the quantum of work flowing in, I had to keep up with the requirements and responsibilities which made me aware of my strengths and weaknesses both, a kind of self-discovery if you may.

In addition to that, I developed a thorough understanding about the flow of information and knowledge between the top management and the grassroot employees. Things work differently at OYE – we don’t follow a do-as-you-are-told approach, we are encouraged to share our views on any and everything, build out strategies together and then execute them with an entrepreneurial bent of mind.

OYE taught me the importance of following a collaborative we-are-all-in-it kind of approach. It ensures that everybody associates themselves as a stakeholder in the business instead of simply working as employees tied to a monthly salary.

Last but not the least, I hold our management in the highest regard. I consider myself fortunate to be working with folks who are very clear in their mind about the future direction of the business and the deliverables needed to take us where we aim to go. The clarity in the thought process percolates to the way we work in the team: everyone has a clear idea on what they need to do, how they need to do it and what will the outcome possibly look like.

Why a career with OYE could be the best decision of your life!


How best do I say it?

Assume that you are a professional caterpillar stuck in a corporate cocoon, which many of us normally are. Proverbially speaking, OYE is your ticket to freedom and self-discovery: an organization which gives you the space to perform, a platform to air your views and opinions, and an avenue to explore and evaluate infinite possibilities.

Each day brings forth a new challenge in OYE; and every day I learn how to overcome it and become better than what I was yesterday. Monotony is something you would never associate with our team – we create newer, better and focused propositions each day at work!

Out-of-Office: My personal time

I am pretty much a homebody who looks forward to quality time spent with the family.

Besides that, whenever I find the time and the opportunity, I make it a point to participate in marathon races – they serve to enhance the fighting spirit embodied in my being.

Never say die. Even better – never say never ?

That’s it for now, folks. Now that you’ve got a feel of what it means to be part of OYE and wish to be part of our fintech team, mail your resume to info@oyeloans.com and help us evaluate your candidature for current & future openings.

It might just be the moment which changes your career and your life forever, and for the better!

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