Postponing your aspirations: Is it a wise choice? 

Life is all about choices. And, not necessarily the most obvious/easiest ones. The same holds true for our perceived purchasing power and its complex relationship with our priorities in life.

Think about it:

It’s your parents’ marriage anniversary and you want to surprise them with a vacation package for their dream destination – a place they always spoke about, but never actually visited as they always put your priorities ahead of anything else.

Your sister’s just approaching her 18th birthday and you wish to gift her that snazzy watch which she praised the other day, while mentioning that the price-tag’s so high that she might as well just dream about it, rather than have it on her wrist!

That job-oriented IT course is just about to go live. And it will give your career a leg-up like nothing else. But again, the cost of undergoing that course is making you think, rethink and ponder over whether to enroll for it or not.

Life isn’t always about the obvious, or say, the most practical answers – we need to make a conscious decision on whether to postpone our aspirations and dreams for a later date (which may never come) or back our ability to live our dreams today, in the moment and in control. Life’s most treasured moments are not going to come again; if the moment passes us by, we stand to miss out on the opportunity to make it truly special for the people who stood by us when we needed them the most. That outweighs any perceived benefit accrued from saving for a rainy day; in fact, it pushes us to miss the moon for the stars – letting go of all the wonderful things we should have done while the time was just right!

The fact that anyone’s just started earning/are in the initial years of their career should never be an impediment to their desire to live the life they aspire for; the smiles that they can gift to their weary parents, the delight that their siblings would feel by getting what they always dreamed of, or, the sheer value of taking up that course that could potentially change a person’s career path – forever and for the better! To do this, one just needs to back his/her earning capabilities and step into the world of alternative credit which offers funding options in a hassle-free, seamless and fully-virtual environment.

That said, the cost of credit can initially appear to be slightly daunting to a new-to-the-workforce professional. But, in the larger perspective, it pales in comparison to the goal that this purchasing power helps one achieve: Pure financial freedom to savor the Joy of Living in its truest form! And, the best part is – one can always make up for the premium paid by earning more while going up the corporate ladder. It’s a Win-Win proposition; by making a considered choice, one can continue to chase the ambition of building a stronger, better financial future without compromising on experiencing the joys and happiness of the present!

At OYE, we truly believe in a professional’s capability to reach the heights of success. On that journey, there would be countless moments and milestones which one needs to celebrate and commemorate – and that’s where we would love to help out through affordable credit solutions. As you pave the path towards a better tomorrow, allow us to help you get the best out of today – live your dreams with just a click, and take control of the present while keeping an eye on the future!

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