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Employee Spotlight: Shiva Rajendran – Our OYE! Development Rockstar

At the OYE! Team, an integral part of Global Analytics India, we pride ourselves in nurturing the best talent, working on state-of-the-art technologies and delivering winning credit solutions to our customers. This team boasts of individuals who have demonstrated success in all critical functions needed to run market-leading fintech lending businesses – including Risk Analytics, Engineering, Product Management, Digital Marketing, Customer Experience, Operations and Compliance – both in India and across the globe. In fact, we are only as strong as the people who make us, and we value them and their contributions to the fullest.

Every once in a while, we love to train the spotlight on the folks who matter to our success.  Today, we introduce you to Shiva Rajendran, our OYE! Development Rockstar, who will give you a sneak-peek of life@OYE! and what it means to be part of a group which always puts the interests of its customers and employees ahead of any other priority!

Here we go – Let’s hear it from Shiva, as he takes us through his ongoing journey with OYE!

Life before OYE!

After completing my Bachelors in Technology for PSG Tech (Coimbatore), I joined Global Analytics India Private Limited (a subsidiary of GAIN Credit) in 2011. Over the next 3 years, I was responsible for managing the User Interface and Front-End Development for Lending Stream’s (our flagship consumer brand) website. In 2015, I got an amazing opportunity to be part of Drafty’s (our innovative Line of Credit product in the UK) launch, a role where I was driving the new product’s engineering function through a team of 6-7 people.

Since December’16, I have become an integral part of OYE!, another high-potential business with significant opportunities to scale up in the near future.

My role in driving the OYE! brand

I work in a dual role of sorts within the OYE! team. At an individual level, I am responsible for the mobile app’s complete engineering and development function. This is driven through the help of my stellar team including Anbarasan, Sujin and Ashwin. Herein lies my second role – as a people manager, I ensure that business objectives are achieved through a constant flow of top-line efforts from my team-members. I step in as a mentor, guide and motivator for my colleagues who never shy away from supporting me in terms of chasing our targets and achieving them to everyone’s satisfaction.

Key people I work with

I work very closely with Pradeep, Sriram, Vishwanathan and Vijay. While Pradeep helps me get up to speed on the strategy goals for OYE!, Sriram and Vishwa play a critical role in enabling me to identify the right items which classify as priorities for the business. Last, but not the least, Vijay – my reporting manager – serves as my guiding light for understanding and implementing engineering and security-related best practices which can create incremental value for the OYE! brand.

In a nutshell, our organization thrives on a culture of shared learning and joint success. Even as we chase our individual dreams and targets, we savor each other’s success and try to help everyone up the learning curve at OYE!

That special something which I learnt@OYE!

I have spent close to 7 years with this organization. That’s a really long time, and the best part is… it’s never actually felt that long, to be honest. Why you may ask? Even as I worked across functions, products, verticals and stakeholders, one aspect of this company’s culture stood out as a very strong means of motivation: the complete freedom to do all that you want to! Whether it’s about facing new challenges, contributing your thoughts on something that’s totally unrelated to your sphere of work, or learning new processes and ways of work – OYE! has given me a completely blank canvas to work on, with no restrictions on the colors I could choose to create perfect picture for my professional development and growth. All thanks to the benchmarks set by our senior leadership – folks like Mukund, Pradeep and Vijay – we have been groomed to follow a non-hierarchical, work-focused and do-what-you-love approach; this is something which is rare to see in the corporate world nowadays.

Coming to the fun bit. Well, let me just say that coming to work never really feels like coming to work. Our organization gives us the flexibility and the freedom to prioritize our time between work and play: whenever I get time off from my busy routine, I play table tennis and carrom, watch cricket matches on the TV and generally have a good time with everyone around. That perhaps is one of the biggest reasons behind our success as a business – we firmly believe in taking care of our people first, so that they are motivated to give more than their very best to work, each and every day they turn up at office.

That’s what’s kept me hooked for the last 7 years!

Why I look forward to each day@OYE!

Because, we work hard and party hard!

Forget Monday Blues, I suffer from Friday Withdrawals, longing for the weekend to get over so I can be back among friends again. The reason? Just repeating what I said above, total freedom to discuss with your manager on the work that you want, least bit of supervision and micro-management, complemented by a work culture that encourages ‘real bonding’ through games, contests and events etc – as an employee, I think I have got much more than what I bargained for.

On the work-front, what really gets me going is our weekly Kaizen catch-up where everyone from the team gets together and throws in their thoughts on how to take the business to the next level. It’s a platform that gives a lot of exercise to everyone’s grey cells, as we gel together – beyond our immediate roles & responsibilities – and brainstorm on ideas, thoughts and inputs on shoring up the prospects of OYE! That’s what you call being Emotionally Engaged!

Let’s just say this: it’s been quite a ride with the OYE! Team and I continue to enjoy each little milestone on this life-changing journey.

Why a career with OYE! could be the best decision of your life!

Do you still want to ask me that question? Well, if there are any grey areas in your thoughts while evaluating a career with us, I would ask you to blank them out! If you get the opportunity to work with us, we will make a true all-rounder out of you. You will realize that you were meant for much more than what you ever imagined, feel that you are well and truly a core component of our business (instead of just being a rat caught in a race) and learn new skills and capabilities which will help you become a better version of yourself.

Proverbially speaking, OYE! not only gives you wings, it also teaches you how to fly. Once you can do that, there’s no challenge, no obstacle that can hold you back from exploring, evaluating & leveraging your potential to the highest degree possible!

Out-of-Office: My personal time

Basically, I am a very simple, family-oriented guy. Outside of the office space, I really look forward to spending time with my sister’s 4-year old daughter – watching her grow up in my lap, is a feeling unlike any other in this world.

Apart from that, I do try and take in my daily dose of cricket whenever I possibly can. I have been an ardent fan of the sport as far as I can remember. It’s one of those little things which keeps reminding me that life’s good.

That’s it for now, folks. Now that you’ve got a feel of what it means to be part of the OYE! Team, and if you wish to be part of our fintech Rockstars, mail your resume to info@oyeloans.com and help us evaluate your candidature for current & future openings. It might just be the moment which changes your career and your life forever, and for the better!

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  1. Everyone wants success, but it only follows those who make a true approach to get it. You know the hard work and dedication has a destination which is success along with your team. With knowledge in your hands and an open heart, you were sure to find success in your efforts.
    Inspiring words and cool handling nature gives you pleasure to work.
    congratulation for your achievements and team effort.

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