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Employee Spotlight: Sujin Nadarajan – Our OYE! Mobile Appster

At the OYE! Team, an integral part of Global Analytics India, we pride ourselves in nurturing the best talent, working on state-of-the-art technologies and delivering winning credit solutions to our customers. This team boasts of individuals who have demonstrated success in all critical functions needed to run market-leading fintech lending businesses – including Risk Analytics, Engineering, Product Management, Digital Marketing, Customer Experience Operations and Compliance – both in India and across the globe. In fact, we are only as strong as the people who make us, and we value them and their contributions to the fullest.

Every once in a while, we love to train the spotlight on the folks who matter to our success.  Today, we introduce you to Sujin Nadarajan, our OYE! Mobile Appster, who will give you a sneak-peek of life@OYE! and what it means to be part of a group which always puts the interests of its customers and employees ahead of any other priority!

Here we go – Let’s hear it from Sujin, as he takes us through his ongoing journey with OYE!

Life before OYE!

I started my career in 2013, with an IT start-up firm, where I was completely focused on working on the Android platform. After having spent 3 years in the industry, I joined Global Analytics India Private Limited (a subsidiary of GAIN Credit) in June’16. I began working on the OYE! brand in December last year.

My role in driving the OYE! brand

As the owner of the OYE! mobile App, I assume complete responsibility for the development, maintenance, execution of production-fixes, go-live updates etc. In short, my efforts are focused on ensuring a seamless, unmatched experience for our customers who access our app.

Key people I work with

I am part of a 4-member team, comprised of Shiva, Ashwin and Anbarasan. We handle 4 different modules, and work in close collaboration with the Product Experts – Pradeep, Mukund, Sriram and Vishwanathan – who always encourage us to share our inputs and insights from the engineering perspective. As the folks responsible for the performance of the engineering team, the product team-members ensure that we maintain a constant pipeline of inputs, which can help both of us address our functional and business objectives.

In summary, there’s an extremely strong interlock between the teams and the people, we don’t work on a silo-based approach.

That special something which I learnt@OYE!

The work culture, the spirit of collaboration, the continuous flow of information and inputs between the team and across functions makes OYE! a truly unique world to be in, which has taught me to become a real team-player; enjoying the winning moments as shared successes, and being there to help whenever my team, or my cross-functional colleagues need any kind of support, especially during tough, deadline-oriented situations!

Moreover, I have also been given multiple opportunities to expand the scope of my knowledge and learning, by contributing my insights to different functional colleagues (from the engineering perspective). In the early part of my career, I was restricted to my core domain (mobile apps), but now, I am learning something new every day, through open-minded interactions with different colleagues from the back-end, operations teams etc

Why do I look forward to each day@OYE!

At OYE! I am trusted to handle multiple responsibilities, and while I am at it, I always get my due for the work well done. While others simply talk about ideas around motivating employees, my organization truly “walks the talk” – building my faith by entrusting me with different roles, appreciating my hard work and efforts through financial and non-financial incentives and recognitions, and most importantly, boosting my confidence by encouraging me to give my best each day!

Another excellent facet to working with OYE! is that you are always encouraged to speak your mind (and heart) on things that matter, to you as an individual, and, to the organization as a professional. Even if you share inputs on areas outside your domain of work, people will hear you out and give credence to your perspectives, irrespective of your level of expertise in the subject. And if your idea is worth its salt, it will definitely be considered for action.

Most importantly, the organization truly cares for its employees, who come together and bond with each other just like members of an extended family. As I said earlier, we revel in our success as equal contributors, and absorb the learnings from our shortcomings collectively – working in the true spirit of one-for-all and all-for-one!

Why a career with OYE! could be the best decision of your life!

As a new joiner, or, even as someone who’s evaluating a career with OYE!, I would just tell you one thing – get ready for a ride that you will never, ever forget! Each day will bring forth a new challenge, and you will not be left to stave it off alone; we will watch your back, push you to perform, and grab you if you fall (which you won’t). We will ensure that you get every opportunity to contribute in your own domain, work across functions and geographies and leverage your insights to build the business and further develop our knowledge base and domain expertise.

Having had an extremely steep and enjoyable learning curve while working at OYE!, I have developed into a complete professional, replete with the skills, knowledge and attitude needed to excel in today’s ultra-competitive corporate environment. And, I see a similar future for you, if you are willing to trust us as the navigators of your professional journey.

That’s it for now, folks. Now that you’ve got a feel of what it means to be part of the OYE! Team, and if you wish to be part of our fintech rock stars, mail your resume to and help us evaluate your candidature for current & future openings. It might just be the moment which changes your career and your life forever, and for the better!

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