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What documents are required to apply for a loan with OYE Loans?

The documents required to apply are the following

1. Identity Proof – PAN card

2. Address Proof – Aadhaar Card or Passport

3. Employment Proof – Office ID card
Please upload Original payslips (preferably with PF details) only if you don’t have an original office ID card.

4. Last 3-4 months of your salaried bank account statement, showing at least three salary credit

o If your PDF bank statement is password protected, please share your password. We will keep your data safe and secure
o We have also partnered with Perfios to provide an alternative option for uploading bank statements. A simple, safe and reliable download of your salaried bank account statement by providing your net-banking login information via Perfios. This login information is not stored in any way and used solely for capturing your bank statement.

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