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Reena, 23, a customer service executive wanted to be the best executive in town.
She decided to recharge herself with excellent communication skills, an impressive wardrobe, and as a customer-facing person, she could lose her glasses.
So, she went ahead with corrective eye surgery for herself.

She probably could have saved that Rs 40000 over a year to have enough cash for this expense. But she did not see the interest as a barrier for a 12-month convenient EMI schedule while she was able to get this done and feel her best right away.
So, within seconds of making her decision to get this going, she applied conveniently on the OYE App in 5 mins and in 24 hours got her OYE loan in hand.

She quips ” as someone without credit records, my timely payments back will build my first credit record that will help me in the future”

Disclaimer: Names, images and identifying details have been changed to protect the privacy of individuals.
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