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There is
a First time
for everything.

Unlike traditional personal loans, we don’t worry about your credit history, we look at your future potential! If you are young, salaried and don’t have very bad credit history that’s enough for us to give you the loan. So, apply right away, get a quick loan and build a good credit history.

OYE loans – Quick Credit for the Smart-Gen. Designed for the young and smart, OYE Loans is creating hassle-free #cash solutions across India.

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Your first 3 month
salary is more
than enough

Yes! your regular 15k salary every month now makes you eligible to get a quick personal loan form OYE. We know you are starting off to a bright career ahead of you and believe in your future.

We are a fin-tech company that uses advanced analytics to determine your eligibility and empower you with the freedom of cash for your everyday needs.

So, go ahead apply now, see for yourself, find out what you are eligible in 30 minutes.

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In an emergency,
Think Smart
and Act Fast.

Borrow up to 1 lakh in 24 hours.

When there’s an emergency, you don’t have to run around making calls and wading through paperwork.
What you need is cash, and quickly.

That’s why OYE Loans places the power to apply for a loan in your hands. It takes just 3-5 mins to apply on the app.

OYE Loans is designed to be used on the go, and it is designed to be simple to use. Unlike a traditional personal loan company, OYE Loans doesn’t just look at the credit history, instead an advanced analytics engine assesses your ability to pay in installments.

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Want it.
Get it. #Cash
The only personal loan that values your future and your true potential.

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